Some Of Our Lovely Clients

We have across the years moved from the single phone in the restaurant, through to finally a reservations department, all never quite satisfactory. We are approaching the end of our first year with and can say that they dealt quickly with any initial teething problems and then became a proactive force in delivering bookings, they know what they are doing and do it well and happily, cannot ask for more.

Trevor Gulliver

CEO - St. John Group

Huge thanks for Tablebook.Me for their support and help on a daily basis. It is such a great company; we have received many compliments from guests and staff for their overall efficiency. Tablebook.Me are a pleasure to work with!

Arnaud Dumas

Operations Manager – Benares Restaurant

Attempting to answer the phones in our restaurants used to be an on-going nightmare, but Tablebook.Me have removed all of that, ensuring that all calls are answered in a friendly and professional manner, allowing our team to get on with the job in hand. TBM is a professional and affordable way to solve an industry-wide problem.

Eddie Hart

Director - Hart group (Fino, Quo Vadis, Barrafina)

Tablebook.Me have provided much need support through our busiest season. As well as easing the pressure on and improving productivity of our staff, our guest database has grown considerably. I initially had doubts as our call volume is extremely high, but Tablebook.Me proved efficient, professional and always on hand to help with any issues. One thing we found extremely helpful was that all calls are recorded.

Rachael Wightman

First Restaurant Group

Tablebook.Me have transformed our day to day operation with professionalism and pride. We have had great feedback from customers and we are capturing more data, helping us to keep the restaurant busy.

Tom Van Zeller

Chef Patron - Van Zeller Restaurant

Tablebook.Me lets you get on with running your restaurant. It provides absolute peace of mind with regard to bookings, and an excellent "voice" for your establishment. You never miss a call, and your bookings are maximised, without being crammed in or rushed. Thoroughly recommended.

Stuart Alder

General Manager - The Radcliffe Arms

Tablebook.Me are a professional and supportive company that I would highly recommend to any restaurant business that wishes to have the benefit of their bookings being taken care of by a company they can trust. Tablebook.Me care deeply about the success of our business and always offer a very personal and bespoke service. We are provided with comprehensive reporting and continuous feedback so that we are fully aware of how our business is performing. Couldn't imagine life without them.

Lorraine Angliss

CEO - Rock & Rose Group

Tablebook.Me has been a very important part of our booking system for almost a year now. They pick up the phones for our restaurant at the most crucial times, which is great for our customers as they hardly have to wait to make a reservation, regardless of whether we are in service. The dedicated reservations team supplied to us by Tablebook.Me are extremely polite, courteous and professional and always in touch with us if in any doubts. We have a very complex booking procedure, but they have been very efficient in following our specific requirements and continue to do a great job. I would recommend Tablebook.Me to any business.

Fabien Babanini

General Manager - Les Trois Garcons

The service provided by Tablebook.Me is knowledgable, considered, bright and flexible. The team are dedicated to helping your business succeed by providing clear strategic knowledge that is analytical in its approach and based on the facts. They show you how restaurant reservations should be done.

Bunmi Okolosi

I would definitely recommend Tablebook.Me, it is a service that enables our reservations to be professionally made. Missed calls results in missed bookings, which is missed revenues. It is good business sense to answer your phone on every call. Traditionally restaurants would leave the phone to ring if they were busy, that is just not a viable option for restaurants in the current economic climate.

Gabriel Gonzalez

Managing Director - Lima

Tablebook.Me offer a superb telephone reservations service that we would not be able to do in-house as a gastro pub, given the limited space in our venue. Having an entire team dedicated to making sure we get the best information, accurately, from all our guests, has meant we are able to provide a more tailored customer service experience and create a great first impression from the first phone call.

Alex Sergeant

General Manager - The Harwood Arms

I have been working for the past couple of years. Service has always been provided promptly and with professionalism. The team is always excellent and supportive. I am happy to recommend them and certainly I will continue to use them in the future.

Karolina Raukuc

Maitre D - L'Anima Restaurant

We engaged Tablebook.Me via our marketing team as a suggestion due to complaints about the phone not being answered. The benefit of using them was phenomenal. Our covers increased by 22% and No Shows were heavily reduced. After this it did make us all think in our many previous roles if we had answered the phones better - how would business levels have been? I fully recommend the service and giving them a try.

Stuart Portlock

Commercial and Finance Manager - Kettners (Gondola Group)