In your daily dealings with Team TBM, you will likely meet the following jolly characters.

Tablebook.Me was founded in 2010 by Simon Davey and Charlotte Missenden. Their vision was to build a business upon a solid foundation of quality service, underpinned by a strong work ethic in our people. They believe it is our people that make Tablebook.Me the best it can be, so we recruit only the best people.

Charlotte Missenden

Founder & Chief

Charlotte is our chief in residence, she leads our troops to glory on a daily basis. Charlotte is a ninja in training and also knits, sews and eats book for breakfast.

Simon Davey

Founder & Director

Simon takes care of the TBM finances and is responsible for the sophisticated technical wizardry that allows TBM to offer such an outstanding service. Simon likes fishing, overtime and has been known to DJ once in a while.

Leanne Noakes

Director of Reservations

Leanne ensures that our service is delivered with excellent precision, she is directly responsible for the Reservations Managers and keeping them in the know about our clients objectives and requirements. Leanne collects posh handbags and is only mildly obsessive about office hygiene.

Annabel Cusenza

Reservations Manager

Annabel works alongside Leanne and the TBM team to make sure everything is hunky dory for our clients. Annabel likes moustachioed men and has a most cheerful disposition.

Tiffany Blatchford

Reservations Manager

Tiffany, like Annabel, is Leanne's co-pilot. Tiffany is our resident "Goth 4 Life", she likes live music, ukuleles and bizarrely, eggs.

Jo Freeman

Reservations Manager

Jo leads a team of reservationists to ensure the delivery of our service is magnificent at all times. Jo is massive fan of Simon Cowell and is the proud owner of the largest collection of Simon Cowell memorabilia in the UK. Despite this, she is a very popular member of the team.

Amy Adams

Training Manager

Amy is responsible for driving performance and ensuring our team are splendid in all that they do. Amy has a big heart and enjoys a dip in the pool. Amy also has a rather embarrassing obsession with the tv show, Downton Abbey.

Luke Hodges

Account Executive

Luke takes care of our London clients and ensures that restaurants are in the know about the Tablebook.Me service. Luke likes burgers, a lot.